We believe in parishes. We believe in the potential of parish leaders.

When we created Revive, we had people like you in mind. We believe in the people God chose to serve in parishes: pastors, staff, and volunteers. We wanted to invest in the people who work day and night to advance the mission of Christ.

We believe parish communities can be places where Christ can be known and loved, places where young and old can encounter the living God, places where individuals and families can find healing and hope.

We understand what’s at stake. We have seen the numbers. We hurt for those that have left and those that have never heard the Good News of Christ. We have experienced this pain in our families and communities.

But we have hope. Hope that God can transform us and our parishes. Hope that God will renew and restore our parishes so they become homes of joyful missionary disciples.

And we know we are not alone. We are the Church. We have the prayers of those that have come before us. The company of angels and archangels that are fighting alongside us. We have all that we need: Christ, present in the Eucharist, sustains us and propels us.

Join us in this journey to restore, renew, and revive parishes.

John, Randy, Dan, Tim, and Edmundo