Small Groups – Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Create life-changing small groups in your parish

Small Groups

Lisa Brenninkmeyer  /  3.5 Hours

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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

We all desire community! We all desire to be known and loved by a small group of people. However, when we think of starting a small group, we imagine the worst. Awkward silences, people looking at the door, shuffling in their seats, and eventually never coming back. This doesn’t have to be your story! Fostering a small group is the best method of discipleship. It has a dramatic impact on people’s lives, relationships, and faith. This course aims to give you the tools to confidently step out and lead these small groups without fear, awkwardness, or failure.

Let Lisa guide you through the step by step process of building a small group that draws people in, leads to transformation, and goes the distance.

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What You Gain

Throughout this course on Small Groups you will gain:

  1. How to set the stage so that people come back time after time (and bring others!)
  2. How to create an environment where spiritual, relational and emotional growth takes place.
  3. How to allow people to connect on the heart level without the discussion trending off topic or becoming overbearing.
  4. How to lead your group through the four stages of small group development.
  5. How to troubleshoot typical problems of a small group and prevent them from interfering with your group.
  6. How to guide a Christian small group in a postmodern culture. (How to meet people where they are at.)
  7. How to reduce volunteer and leader burnout.

Recommended Participants

This course is recommended for the following groups:

  • Small Group Ministry Leaders
  • DREs
  • Volunteers
  • Youth Ministers
  • Campus Ministers
  • Parish Missionaries
  • Women’s and Men’s Ministry Leaders
  • Directors of Evangelization and Catechesis
  • Evangelization Committees

About the Instructor

Meet the Expert

Lisa Brenninkmeyer is a woman on a mission to transform the Church through intentional outreach and creation of small groups and bible study materials. Lisa’s decades of experience through her ministry, Walking with Purpose, one of the most trusted women’s Bible study ministries, gives her insights on creating small groups that are attractive, transformative, and successful. Regardless of your type of small group, this method will work for you!

Course Features

Course Features

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