Multicultural Ministry – Luis Soto

We can truly be one family under God

Ministry in Culturally Diverse Parishes

Luis Soto  /  2 Hours

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Luis Soto on Revive Parishes

Course Introduction

The richness of culture is a great gift, but it can often be a challenge in our parishes.

This course aims to help you overcome the challenges that arise when trying to serve two different communities within one parish that may not share the same customs, language, or culture by providing a historical framework and a wealth of practical steps and insights for integrating multiple cultures in one community.

Let expert Luis Soto guide your parish leaders to clarity, understanding, and a confident plan to move forward in unity and zeal.

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What You Gain

Throughout this course you will gain:

  1. A masterful, strategic overview for strengthening your community and building unity within your culturally diverse parish by building ministries that are fruitful and sustainable
  2. Deeper insight into the challenges and misunderstandings between cultural groups within your parish and how to overcome them
  3. A historical background that sets the groundwork for clarity and compassion
  4. A five-step plan to create a vibrant and unified parish full of missionary disciples
  5. Measurable goals and thresholds for success for each stage
  6. Winning stories, practical tips, tools, and immediately applicable advice from someone who has done this work of integration in parishes for decades

Recommended Participants

This course is recommended for the following groups:

  • Pastors and clergy
  • Directors of Religious Education
  • Evangelization Leaders
  • Parish Council

About the Instructor

Meet the Expert

Luis has dedicated his life to serving the Church and is the leading voice in unifying culturally diverse communities. He is currently the Director of Hispanic Content and Business Development for the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO.

Before joining the AI, Luis was Director of Ministry Development at the Catholic Leadership Institute, following years serving as the Executive Director of Hispanic Ministry at Centro San Juan Diego, the Hispanic Leadership Institute for Pastoral and Family Life of the Archdiocese of Denver.

Luis developed One Family Under God, a model of unity and integration amongst cultures in Catholic parishes. In November 2010, he received the Benemerenti Medal from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, one of the most noteworthy distinctions to be bestowed upon a lay Catholic.

Luis Soto teaches on effective ministry for culturally diverse parishes

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