Preaching – Fr. Mike Schmitz

Build on your skills to become the preacher God wants you to be.


Fr. Mike Schmitz  /  2.5 Hours

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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Proclaiming the Gospel and presenting a compelling, informative, and inspiring homily is truly a gift to the parish. Pastors and deacons are often looking for inspiration—and usually a silent moment to prepare—but the busyness of parish life can sometimes pose a challenge to our preachers as they fly into Sunday at a rapid pace.

Let Fr. Mike help you navigate these challenges and grow in confidence in delivering effective homilies that bring the faithful closer to Christ

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What You Gain

Throughout this course on Preaching you will gain:

  1. Personal and down-to-earth insights from Fr. Mike on fear, rejection, and the essential role of the preacher
  2. The art and science of crafting an effective homily that transforms lives
  3. Practical suggestions and strategies around preparation
  4. A foundation and best practices for presenting messages
  5. Recommendations on processes, digital tools, and tricks so your homily preparation becomes a habit folded into your daily life
  6. Tips and suggestions around practice and preparation before preaching

Recommended Participants

This course is recommended for the following groups:

  • Priests
  • Deacons
  • Seminarians
  • Public Speakers

About the Instructor

Meet the Expert

Fr. Mike Schmitz is an expert guide for anyone looking to better their communication skills around presenting the Gospel message in a convincing and memorable way. Fr. Mike presents an honest and compelling course with practical steps, tactics, and stories to inspire you and help you prepare and deliver homilies.

Fr. Mike Schmitz teaches effective preaching, only on Revive Parishes

Course Features

Course Features

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