The Generational Divide: Who’s in the Pews – Katie Prejean McGrady

Your parish can effectively reach Millennials and Gen Z

Understanding and Ministering to Millenials and Gen Z

Katie Prejean McGrady  /  4 Hours

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Course Introduction

There is hope, and the Gospel is powerful. Our parishes must respond!

Where are the millennials and Gen Zs? Why aren’t they coming to Mass? What can we do to get them back? And, maybe most importantly, how can their gifts contribute to your parish? Many parish leaders find themselves asking these questions today as the retention rates of Catholics in these two generations plummet.

It is these exact questions that Katie Prejean McGrady seeks to answer. In this course, Katie provides a pathway to equip you to engage these generations, understand what makes them tick, and why they are disengaged, and then offer them the heart of what they are trying to find in the world.

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What You Gain

Throughout this course you will gain:

  1. A complete picture of those Catholics who belong to the Millenial and Generation Z
  2. A deep understanding of the motivations, fears, and hopes for these young people, and how your parish can respond
  3. A deep-dive into the latest data around these generations, plus a clear interpretation of what the numbers mean
  4. Confidence to move forward in creating intentional ministries, programs, and events designed to help these generations truly encounter Christ

Recommended Participants

This course is recommended for the following groups:

  • Pastors and clergy
  • All ministers of your parish
  • Pastoral council and leadership teams

About the Instructor

Meet the Expert

Katie Prejean McGrady has served as a high school teacher and parish youth minister while becoming an award-winning author and international speaker. She is also the host of Ave Explores, a dynamic new podcast from Ave Maria Press. Katie’s years of hands-on ministry experience has made her acutely aware of the conversation surrounding the evangelization of millennials and Gen Z. She was even recognized as one of three Americans invited to Rome to participate in the Synod on Young People in 2018.

Course Features

Course Features

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