Women’s Ministry – Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Boldly reach the women of your parish

Women’s Ministry

Lisa Brenninkmeyer  /  3 Hours

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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Through the gift of the “feminine genius,” as St. John Paul II explained, women have a unique gift to build community, support faith, and challenge growth among each other… and the husbands, fathers, and clergy of the parish. Their contribution to a vibrant parish community is invaluable.

Let Lisa guide you through how to build specific outreach in your parish to foster their growth as disciples.

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What You Gain

Throughout this course on Women’s Ministry you will gain:

  1. A master blueprint for creating or strengthening a dedicated women’s ministry in your parish designed to be self-sustaining and discipleship-focused
  2. Keen insight into the struggles and joys of the contemporary Catholic woman to better understand her needs and opportunities for growth
  3. Strategies to identify effective leaders in your community, methods to train them, and a vision to inspire them to greatness
  4. Effective, practical advise around events, programs, studies, and ministries to engage the women of your parish
  5. Clear goals to measure success in your women’s ministry
  6. Inspirational encouragement on the journey to transforming the lives of women through effective and intentional ministry

Recommended Participants

This course is recommended for the following groups:

  • DREs
  • Pastoral Councils
  • Women’s Ministry Leaders
  • Directors of Evangelization and Catechesis
  • Evangelization Committees
  • Small Group Ministry Leaders
  • Pastors and Deacons

About the Instructor

Meet the Expert

Lisa Brenninkmeyer is a woman on a mission to transform the Church through intentional outreach to women of all ages. Lisa’s decades of experience through her ministry, Walking with Purpose, one of the most trusted women’s Bible study ministries, gives her deep insights into the challenges of women today and effective ministry solutions to serve this incredibly vital population in our parishes.

Lisa Brenninkmeyer teaches on effective ministry for women in your parish

Course Features

Course Features

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