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You've been called and blessed as a disciple of Jesus, now take that gift to your friends, community, and parish. Introducing Revive Parishes - free online courses designed to help you become a missionary in our world!

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Effective ministry can be tough. And whether you are a pastor or a parish volunteer, facing and overcoming challenges can be both daunting and tiring.

Don't reinvent the wheel or give up trying, there is a better way! Experts paved the way before you, and they've mastered strategies and tactics to help you be more confident and successful. And now, they're sharing everything they know to help your parish.

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"Revive is a powerful tool for helping our parishes and those leading live their mission. Their library of master class courses help pastors and lay leaders alike to understand the evangelizing mission of the Church and creates the confidence to live that mission in the everyday life of the parish. I hope all of our leaders in the Archdiocese of St. Louis utilize this incredible gift!"

Brian Miller, M.A.
Director, Evangelization and Discipleship

Recommended Courses:

Share Joy:

Discipleship with Julianne Stanz

4 hour master class

Receive Joy:

Evangelization with Chris Stefanick

3 hour master class

Share Joy:

Everyday Apostles with Ryan O'Hara

2 hour master class

Plus 12 more full courses, completely free.
Each crafted to help you grow as a disciple and evangelist

5 Top Reasons We Love Revive Online Courses

Good news - online courses are fun, approachable, and easy to complete. That's right - no tests, quizzes, or homework to get in the way of your busy life of family and ministry!


Only the Most Valuable Content

Unlike online conferences, webinars, or most podcasts, online courses are organized, edited, and professionally produced to give you only the absolute best content. Why? Because you're busy, and your time is valuable.


On-Demand and On Your Time

The days of registering for webinars in different time zones or on your precious lunch break are over! You can access any video, any lesson, or any download at any time on Revive. You choose when (and how) you want to participate.


Topics that Matter

From fundraising to preaching, each Revive course is designed exclusively to help people like you grow, learn, and lead your parish forward in successful ministry. Each presenter is a successful practitioner, just a famous speaker.


Start, Stop, Rewind

Need to go back and watch a chapter? Every course on Revive is broken down into bite-size pieces and carefully organized to give you complete control of your learning experience. That's right - you can pause to take notes!


Engaging and Fun

Each course is packed with professionally produced videos, helpful discussion guides, and presenters who tell compelling stories and give you examples to help accelerate your learning.

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